Web page design may seem simple these days with web page design software and online services that make it almost as easy as putting together a report with a word processor.

There are some key elements to be aware of before putting your web site together:

  • Some basic HTML knowledge is very useful - there are many behind the scenes things going on that you need to be aware of. If you don't know how to handle these you can have some strange things happen with your web pages.
  • Cross browser programming - you may end up with  a web site that is crippled unless viewed with the correct browser giving you some very frustrated customers.
  • Search engines - make certain that your site is found and indexed properly by search engines. It's difficult to get noticed if you can't be found.


A good design will be usable and easily navigable. If your customers can't find their way around then all your other pages don't really matter. Navigation must be simple and consistent.

When a visitor wants to find information it must be within a couple of clicks on your site. If it takes 5 clicks to get to the right information they will give up and look elsewhere.